Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Man Hug

Today my husband asked me to check out a link he shared. Like the "dutiful" wife I am I of course didn't give up the chance to sit down and relax to check out a link and this is what he sent me..

This definitely made my morning. It also made me wonder if guys truly need to learn to hug other guys and if videojug.com made a video on women hugging. Since I didn't find one in my short search I assume our gender is not missing the hug gene, and therefore we don't need a "how to" video.

I did find another video that is just for me. I cannot give a high five. Never could. It was a running joke with my friends and I. I could line it up and the intent was there, but I missed contact each time. Like what? Does my hand get scared of physical contact at the last minute and divert itself spontaneously from the intended target. That being the other high-fivers hand? Whatever my issue, this made me laugh. Since I have issues, the "Top Gun" would be as my 13 year old would say, "an epic fail".


  1. The "sanitary high-five" is my favorite! Great post!

  2. Ok these are just hillarious!!! Man hug is definitely my favorite!


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