Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lazy Days

It took at least 20 years and four sick children (all at the same time), to finally understand why my mom had a lot of lazy days. You remember those days don't you? The ones where you were so totally bored out of your skull and actually wanted to do something with your parents. The answer you received in return was to go play because your parents wanted a day with no running around.

What? Run around? Really, what could you possibly do all day? I go to school and try to stay awake during boring lessons. Plus I have to participate in gym class. (look at all the effort I exert in one hour alone) Then I come home, wash the dishes, pretend to clean my room. (Please avoid the closet and under the bed there are monsters there. Really there are.) And the hours of homework those evil teachers pile on me. I have to do all this while you sit there after dinner and watch television. Pretty much what you do all day while I'm at school doing the above listed activities.

Okay, back to the present. One husband and four kids later. Holy crap!!! I'm sorry Mom and Dad really. To want to dare deprive you of your lazy days. I don't know how you did it. Here is just one day for me.

Four of my children are sick. Three of them under the age of five. Those three are at home with me. I can give the toddlers medication, but the two month old can't have anything but steam and saline drops. (like those do much) I have laundry to do, dishes, floors need to be vacuumed, swept, and washed. The baby needs to be held because he doesn't feel well. The two year old needs to be held because she doesn't feel well. The four year old is yelling at the laptop for not doing what he wants it to do and is upset because his older brother is going to school instead of staying home. My husband gets to avoid all this because he's taking it easy at work. (How dare he work instead of deal with this). Finally, it's close to naptime. I managed to get the baby to sleep in his swing and get the above list done, plus feed the kids. Hey, I even managed to eat. I got laundry swapped. (laundry is never done). Baby is up to nurse. Nursing, (sort of poor guy can't breathe), then my daughter escapes upstairs. She calling, I don't understand her. I yell to hold on, trying to get the baby to sleep. Finally I do. I go upstairs and smell poop. Oh boy. "A did you poop?" A runs out of her big brothers room buck naked covered in poop!!! I get her into the bathroom and look for the diaper. In the hallway is a clump of poop and more poop smeared around it. Her diaper is lying in her room, diaper side down (thank God), full of more poop!!. How the heck do I get poop out of the carpet? Mom. Call Mom. Mom knows all. Heck, one of us smeared poop on the walls when we were little. I used the spot shot and cleaned it up. Dumped A in the shower and crisis diverted. L didn't wake until later. Put A and E down to nap. Finally, quiet. With sick and tired L crying in between. Most of my house clean.

I still had to go pick up my husband from work and come home and deal with sick children again. (This is my non-busy day) I am utterly exhausted. Yes, I understand lazy days. When L is of age, I'm taking one.


  1. Wow. Your house sounds a LOT like my house. I keep telling myself that one day I'll get to sleep past 5am day.

  2. 5am!!! My goodness that is nuts!!! I hope sleeping in comes for you sooner rather than later.


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