Thursday, February 10, 2011

Giant Monkey

It was by chance that the giant monkey came across the Tim Hortons XL double double. (Just nicely chilled to ice cold, but still drinkable) Or was it an evil plot by my "loving" parents? Either way the encounter ended in disaster.

It started off as an invisible monkey. Netflix, oh beautiful Netflix. I do blame you for my daughter's sudden infatuation with all things monkey. You and the Kratt brothers. (I have a liking for Zaboomafoo too). My parents never got the last of 3 of our brood's lifesized stuffies. So in their "loving" way, after bringing me coffee earlier, they brought A and L their stuffies. (forgetting E still didn't have one, his is still to come).

Excitement ensued. That is when A's giant, now visible, monkey spied my Timmie. I don't know if that evil primate planned on making off with my morning cup of "go juice", all I know is he dove at my coffee with reckless abandon and my Timmie slid toward me in fear. To my horror Timmie missed my awaiting arms (not really I forgot Timmie was on the coffee table), and spilled his guts all over my beige carpet.

(not the "real" Timmie)

Bad, evil, giant monkey. I think I even shed a tear. (over recently deceased Timmie or the now stained carpet you decide).

Giant monkey is now banished to A's crib and Timmie's replacements are no longer allowed in my living room.


  1. LOL
    I would shed a tear too if my Timmie got wacked!

    Do you know if the U.S. has Timmies? I wonder if they know what they're missing?!

    luv your blog by the way. Definitely followed ya back.:)

  2. Not sure if they have Timmies, although rumor has it it is owned by the U.S. now.

    ty for the comment and for following back :D


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