Monday, February 28, 2011

February Windup

Wow February was here and gone. Currently in the blink of an eye, although during it with the sick children and -40C weather with the windchill, it felt like February was going to be here forever.

February showed growth in all my children. C showed maturity in his goals with Cadets, what he wants to do in school and where he might be headed once he graduates in four and a half years. E is coming in to his own. Through preschool he has opened up and his personality is only going to blossom even more. He was also registered to play soccer. I hope he enjoys it. A is being more independent and strong-willed than ever. She's my climber, my painter, my dancer, all out trouble maker. She has made the transition to a big girl bed. (mattress on the floor) Although really it's just a bigger cage as the baby gate is left up until she falls asleep to keep her from coming out of her room. This takes the "fun" out of chasing her around the house to get her back into bed. We are also trying to make the journey to potty training. L is going to be three months old. He's cooing, gooing, smiling, and laughing. He won't grab toys, but he'll grab on to my fingers and play. He isn't a sleeper, which is tough because he also likes to be held. Not held to sleep, but held facing outwards so he can see everything. He is my sponge. Wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't the size of a six month old lol.

I'm glad February is gone because I know warmer weather will be here soon. Another sign is that 7 am is now the crack of dawn as that is when E and A get up and moving me out of bed. L seems to be adjusting to this time as well and looks up at me with a grin that spreads from ear to ear. Also, it's still light out when we finish our dinner around 6 pm. The sun shining into our home helps a lot as well. Now if only that snow would start melting and the frigid air would mellow and warm up.

I'm also sad in a way as well. With February gone, everyone is one month older. The children grow so fast and trying to hold on to these moments with everything that life throws at you is pretty tough most days. I know older means no more nursing, no more having to carry a baby, eventually no more diapers and more independence for me to try to find life outside being a human milk truck and jungle gym. I just know I'm going to miss this. As much as it feels harrowing right now and I'm exhausted all the time. I'm going to miss every gooey smile. Every crayon that touched the walls. Every "why" mom. Every he/she hit me. Every sticky hand print. The list becomes endless. So bitter sweet is this cheers to February 2011's end.


  1. February did fly by but don't let it get you down too much. Your kids will always be your kids no matter their age :)

  2. True, but eventually they'll drop me off in the nursing home and forget to visit hahaha

  3. I am sorry to read about your depression. Hope that the sun will help you. Struggling with depression myself I know how baffling it can be!Thanks for following my/our blog.
    Hugs, Paula xxx

  4. I'm happy to say bye bye to Feb and Hello to March. I noticed the sun staying up just a little bit longer during the day and I got so excited for spring!

  5. I was just thinking along the same lines. My 4year old is soon to be five. It feels like I just gave birth to her a few months ago...

  6. A poignant reflection of the joy and heartache of children growing up. It certainly got me reflecting.
    (I'm glad I have finally found your b;og after you have visted mine)
    I love the design of your blog page - somer interesting things going on


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