Friday, January 28, 2011

Oatmeal Tuesdays

Meal planning. boo :(

Yeah, I'm not a meal planner. I'm a wannabe meal planner. With my rather large family and increasingly busy life (all my husbands fault mind you. I truly believe if I never got married then my life would still be positively boring. As soon as I got married my life hit the fast lane and suddenly I was popular), I absolutely need to meal plan. At least that's what my growing waistline and sudden bouts of nausea every time I say a fast food joints name is telling me.

Ah Google, the blessing of all things searchable. I came across two sites that seemed to serve me well. gave me a really great meal plan template to work from plus some tips. gave me some more starter ideas. I began my meal plan. Three weeks later, I'm still working on my meal plan. I am giving myself an E for effort at this point in time.

So what am I going to do? Three weeks and I still have no stable meal plan. What did my mom do when we were kids? She certainly did not have the internet and she did not have a template for meal planning. In fact, I have never heard the word meal plan ever come out of her mouth. So now what? I was not groomed for meal planning. Hmmm. Thinking, thinking. Wait a minute, our meals were extremely predictable with little variety. Variety came in the form of eating at someone else's home. Staple foods were chili, spaghetti, pork chops with potatoes and veggies, overcooked barbecued hamburgers in the summer. (Sorry Dad) Oh, and one meal we could always count on was on Tuesdays. We called it Oatmeal Tuesdays and once we got older it was "Fend-for-yourselves Tuesdays". My Dad is a retired army reservist and Tuesday nights he worked at the mess. So after work he went to my Baba's for dinner, then off to the Armouries. At home, we got oatmeal.

When I got over the need to be the domestic goddess of dinner and reluctantly turned to the meals of my childhood did I see what my mom did made perfect sense. I was combing my brain, the internet, dusting off three inches of dust from my many untouched recipe books for what? To have a month of dinners planned where each day is different? Forget this, I'm not a professional chef and I can't afford one. If my kids want variety they can go to a friends house. If Oatmeal Tuesdays were good enough for my sister and I, then Chili Mondays are good enough for my lucky brood. I've been looking at and am going to try out another recipe tomorrow. Look out family our take out days are numbered and we may have to add Lasanga Fridays to our meal plan palates!

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