Friday, January 28, 2011

Oatmeal Tuesdays

Meal planning. boo :(

Yeah, I'm not a meal planner. I'm a wannabe meal planner. With my rather large family and increasingly busy life (all my husbands fault mind you. I truly believe if I never got married then my life would still be positively boring. As soon as I got married my life hit the fast lane and suddenly I was popular), I absolutely need to meal plan. At least that's what my growing waistline and sudden bouts of nausea every time I say a fast food joints name is telling me.

Ah Google, the blessing of all things searchable. I came across two sites that seemed to serve me well. gave me a really great meal plan template to work from plus some tips. gave me some more starter ideas. I began my meal plan. Three weeks later, I'm still working on my meal plan. I am giving myself an E for effort at this point in time.

So what am I going to do? Three weeks and I still have no stable meal plan. What did my mom do when we were kids? She certainly did not have the internet and she did not have a template for meal planning. In fact, I have never heard the word meal plan ever come out of her mouth. So now what? I was not groomed for meal planning. Hmmm. Thinking, thinking. Wait a minute, our meals were extremely predictable with little variety. Variety came in the form of eating at someone else's home. Staple foods were chili, spaghetti, pork chops with potatoes and veggies, overcooked barbecued hamburgers in the summer. (Sorry Dad) Oh, and one meal we could always count on was on Tuesdays. We called it Oatmeal Tuesdays and once we got older it was "Fend-for-yourselves Tuesdays". My Dad is a retired army reservist and Tuesday nights he worked at the mess. So after work he went to my Baba's for dinner, then off to the Armouries. At home, we got oatmeal.

When I got over the need to be the domestic goddess of dinner and reluctantly turned to the meals of my childhood did I see what my mom did made perfect sense. I was combing my brain, the internet, dusting off three inches of dust from my many untouched recipe books for what? To have a month of dinners planned where each day is different? Forget this, I'm not a professional chef and I can't afford one. If my kids want variety they can go to a friends house. If Oatmeal Tuesdays were good enough for my sister and I, then Chili Mondays are good enough for my lucky brood. I've been looking at and am going to try out another recipe tomorrow. Look out family our take out days are numbered and we may have to add Lasanga Fridays to our meal plan palates!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I Want To Be A Woman

Say What??!!! I'm 33 years old. Um, I believe I hit womanhood a very, very long time ago. Well sure in age, maybe in maturity. (Please note I said "maybe") Definitely not in the looks department.

If you've read my extremely short profile or perhaps perused my other few blogs I've posted you would know that I am a mother of four. Four!!! Yeah, not sure what I was smoking each time I made the decision to have another one, but it must have been darn good. Yet, I didn't anticipate the toll it would take on my feminineness. I have huge bags under my eyes. I could sand wood with the soles of my feet. I currently don't wear a bra half the day as I'm nursing (a whole other post), so I'm sure my breasts are going to hang to my knees years before their time when all is said and done. My hair resembles the shaggy dog and the rest of me could land me in those rag mags as a Sasquatch siting. Not to mention the clothes I gravitate to are sweats, pajamas or clothes I wore in my early 20's that I had no business even wearing then. Sshh, we won't discuss weight gain or loss. If you don't want a 4 week postpartum mommy to kick that tuckus that is.

So, when the heck did this road of self destruction begin? How on earth to I find my way back on track?

I have a hair appointment on Saturday, I should be happy, but the reality is it's a waste of money as I'll never have time to style it. But hey, I have to spend my birthday money on something. I also shaved tonight in my marathon minute shower that would make the most green conscious person proud. Yet, I get out and the shower prep and fairy tale is just that. I'm back to reality. I dry my hair in my towel, shake it out like Lassie coming from a swim in the lake and pull on my jammies. My sand paper soles catch on the carpet as I make my way over to my bed apparently having lost the ability to wrinkle and soften from the water. Lotion, yes, that is the answer!! Hello, don't forget I have four children and the ability to get a shower, never mind shave in said shower, is a battle with time. I don't have time to fiddle with lotion.

So here is the plan. I'm going to hunt down a celebrity and demand their nanny, hairstylist, make-up artist, cook, maid, personality coach, therapist, clothing guru and become the woman I know I always could be. Anyone with me?

Monday, January 10, 2011


There have been many changes in the past year. I trained hard for my first half marathon and completed it with my bald self on May 2, 2010. One week prior to the run I found out I was 6.5 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. My husband and I had discussed possibly having a fourth, however, we were wanting to wait until after the half to make a definite decision. Apparently the decision was made for us. I was in a car accident shortly thereafter and I was unable to work or workout for approximately two months. I went back to work, but was too big and uncomfortable to work out. This essentially threw out my plans for to work out throughout my pregnancy. Our fence was built in our backyard, the deck put up and the grass put in the summer. I wasn't able to do much outside as the heat and humidity combo made me very ill in a matter of minutes. Due to that and the car accident my garden and plans for putting in trees along the back fence were shelved. The insane amount of rain this summer didn't help the process either. Our backyard looks on to a wildlife reserve (a good amount of field) and the back of the yard turns into a swamp with too much rain. I continued with my writing course. Although I have yet to be brave enough to get anything published, I did complete it. It felt really good to get it done, especially since my due date was fast approaching. I was even recommended for the advanced writing course by my instructor.

June, July and August were trials in potty training my four year old. We put up a sticker chart in the bathroom and then we used going to preschool in the fall as a form of positive reinforcement. Another trick was trying to train my two year old at the same time. He still has his lazy days where he'd rather play then stop to do number two. (For some reason he'll always stop to pee in the toilet). The two year old likes the idea of the potty, however, she is not quite understanding that concept. She will pee in her diaper and then take it off and sit on the potty. One day after watching the four year old I found her standing in front of the toilet with the seat up trying to pee standing up. I was just about in tears with laughter and told her she's a girl and she has to sit to pee. We are at the point now where she tells me she pooped her pants and we change her right away. Sometimes she tells us she wet herself, this typically occurs if she goes just after she was put to bed. If we don't change her she will take off her diaper and throw it on the ground. Since she still wets herself in the night, unchecked she will wake us up crying because she has wet the bed.

This Summer also included realizing wishes, dealing with past impulses, making amends and reconnecting with family members.

September saw our four year old going to preschool and our eldest enter into his last year of middle school.

October was filled with work and on Halloween night I was a pumpkin, the eldest a monster, toddler number one a Kangaroo (again), and toddler number two a lion.

November saw me taken off of work a month before my intended maternity leave date by my doctor. the celebrations of my baby turning two and my first baby entering his teens. It was a period of crossing off projects on my "before baby arrives" to do list and finalizing the little one's name. Packing hospital bags and making sure we had a plan of action to get to the hospital and someone to watch the children. It was a time of discomfort and raging hormones, along with preschool helper duties and even a false alarm. (Seeing as this was my fourth you would think I would not have a false hospital visit this time around).

Then in swept December filled with Christmas trees and lights. Family get together's and good times. Christmas cards and kidlets dancing around the lit tree singing "Christmas. Christmas. Christmas". Finally the excitement of the birth of our fourth child on December 11. All 11lbs and 4oz of him. Yes, I did it naturally and without pain medication. Not that I had a choice in the matter. My future linebacker almost made his entrance at home and possibly my fathers car if he didn't speed 80 km/h all the way to the hospital.

Just as things slowed down, they sped up as time with a newborn often does.

2010 was a good year to us. Sure it was busy and had it's frightening moments, but there were many more blessings. 2011 is proving much the same. Happy New Year Everyone!!!
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