Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Birthdays

Next to the actual birth of your baby, the child's first birthday is such a huge milestone.

As a mother of three I have seen that the amount of children you have never diminishes the excitement that surrounds the first birthday. Some mothers even spend the whole year after their child's birth planning for the "big" day. There are so many different things one can do. Themes they can choose from. Does one have one party that includes friends and family, or two separate ones? Do you make the cake or buy one? Do you have the party in the morning or the afternoon? This is just the beginning of the decisions involved in making the first birthday memorable for the very proud parents.

I decided to plan at the last minute as always. My friend calls me a busy procrastinator. Haha.

My daughter's birthday has always been at the back of my mind. I just assumed that when the time came I'd know exactly what I wanted to do. This however, was not so. So I then posed a lot of questions to my mommy friends and went searching on google for ideas. So many choices. I wanted to try my hand at fondant, only in my limited knowledge and experience with it made me decide against it in the end. One friend mentioned a #1 cake with pink and purple as the theme colours. Another cupcakes in the shape of a #1. While yet another mentioned making carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Yum!

Well I went with one party as it was going to be small. No decorations since I ran out of time. Seeing as she won't remember it I wasn't too terribly worried. I baked the carrot cake from scratch obtaining the absolutely scrumptious recipe from Then on to the cream cheese. Going through the recipe in prep I discovered I missed one vital ingredient. Um, yeah, you kind of need cream cheese to make cream cheese icing. Haha! So I put the cake in the oven and ran, er drove, to the nearest open Shopper's Drug Mart for two packages of cream cheese. By three am all was done. I would ice the cake in the morning. I woke early and iced the cake. I kept eyeing the cake trying to figure out how I was going to put the butterflies on. Realizing that I was not at all happy with the cake and it was just too small for my liking. Well what could one do in that situation besides simply bake another one! I cut that new cake into a number one and put it on top of the cake I had made the night before. Applied more icing and topped it all off with the fanciful pink butterflies I found at Dollarama. I completed my task just minutes before our guests began to arrive.

My daughter's first birthday was awesome to say the least. She tried throwing away her wrapped gifts as she didn't quite understand the concept of tearing off the paper. She loved playing with the balloons.

So what does one get a child on their first birthday? If this is the couples first child you really cannot go wrong with toys, books, and clothing. For a couple who already have children who are close in age, trust me when I say they ave more toys then even the children can play with LOL. I was overjoyed when my family and friends considered this and bought books and clothes instead. With the exception of my grams and mother-in-law. The both got her a baby doll. She didn't have one of those as she has two brothers and now she has two baby dolls :D

Monday, November 9, 2009


Children, costumes and a lot of candy. These are the first things that come to mind when I think of Halloween.

I remember making crafts in elementary school. Costume parties and school dances in junior high and high school. The best was going out for the candy. For one you got to dress up. Come on, who doesn't like that? Then to get loads of candy on top of it? My favorite memory was going trick-or-treating with my Dad and sister. We didn't say "trick-or-treat". It was "Halloween Apples!" for us. *insert giant grin here*

Now it's my children's turn. I however, am not as excited as when I was younger. Not sure when I became the Grinch who wished Halloween was not, but this year I saw how wrong this was. So this year...

We made a craft (top picture) and watched a few Halloween shows on Family channel and Teletoon Retro. We talked about our costumes and who we were going to go out with. My eleven year old struck out on his own much to my dismay. While the toddler and the baby came with me.

The Vampire went off with his friend and brought home some sizable loot. He had an amazing time and I loved seeing his face light up. He's growing up so fast. I was the Zoo Keeper, while my three year old was a kangaroo with a joey in the pocket and the baby was a cute frog. It was hard to get the middle one to see that he had to dress up in his costume before we went out. I asked him if he wanted to go get lots of candy. His response was that he didn't want candy he wanted trick-or-treat haha. We were not out very long before the toddler had enough. I don't think we even made it half of the block.

Now I cannot wait until next year. Maybe I'll dress up dear son number two as Peter Pan and my daughter as Tinker Bell. I'll be Captain Hook. Ha ha!! Wonder what the eldest wants to be?

What's next? Birthdays and Christmas.

Seeing as this post is a good week late, sometime this week I'll also be posting about my baby's first birthday :D
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