Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Dance

Wow, five weeks of planning and we pulled it off :D Yay us!!!! It started when I got married. We had a traditional church wedding and our reception was a BBQ on the grounds of the church. Pretty, quaint, simple, clean, no alcohol, just the way we wanted it. I fore went the first dance with my husband, and the father/daughter, son/mother dances because of the outside reception. We also were watching our dollars since we were paying for it ourselves. I was okay with this for about two years. Then it started to eat at me. I'll never get those moments back. It especially bothered me after my bff's wedding. They had the traditional really expensive wedding and reception. They had their dances. So what did I really miss out on? Then, I was watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Mr. Simmons did a father/daughter dance with Sophie for her sixteenth birthday. When he was talking about it, you could hear the sentimental value in his voice. Then with the video of it, it all came to life and it hit me. My decision was selfish. My father will never get that moment back. He will never get to dance that dance with his daughter, that most father's dream about when their children are babes in their arms. He got to dance with my sister, but he has two daughters, not just one. I cheated him and myself of this moment. So the idea of a father/daughter dance as a gift for my father on his birthday was born. Now, to find out how old my dad was turning. Fifty-nine. Hmmm, maybe I'll wait until he turns sixty. Well, as I've mentioned before, time has not been on my side or my family members side lately. Stupid cancer taking lives before what I consider their time. Okay, nix the sixty, we need to do this now! Dad's birthday is on the twenty-eighth of July. That's is during the week. My son goes to his dad's first of July to the fifteenth. The same for August. That leaves the eighteenth and the twenty-fifth. The eighteenth it is, he starts holidays that weekend too. What a great start :D One road block after some have marked their calendars. My sisters son has a soccer championship in the States. They won't be coming and my sister is mad that I won't change the date. It is what it is. We go ahead. My Baba, bless her, almost blew the surprise. Then, my sister almost blew it because she was ticked. Thank God it all went well.

During this time I'm also planning on baking a cake. I was going to go professional, but I couldn't get it her from Brandon, and she wanted me to change my design. Nope, I'll do it myself. I ended up staying up until four am on Friday night baking, icing and trying to make black icing that came out army green. So, Mike helped me improvise and we used chopped chocolate chips and I sprinkled it on top of the cake. It was a bit sweet, but everyone enjoyed it. What was really great, was that everyone knew it was a Little Black Devil and I didn't have to tell them :D I know what to do next time though to make black icing. I should have researched that a bit more. Nothing was handmade. I used boxed angel food cake and store bought icing. But for my first time attempting this, I figured I'd got the safer route. Plus it is so possible to wreck a box cake. I wasn't putting all my amateur eggs in one basket lol.

After dinner, we let people sit for a bit, and then for the surprise. Seeing as dad didn't want to listen to mom and shower and shave, he was a bit grubby. lol. We pulled out his suit, and he's like, "what's this?" I came down in my wedding dress, and said, this is my gift to you. The father/daughter dance we missed out on at my wedding. I thought of it later, I could have used a ghetto, but didn't think of it then. I wanted a re-do. I said it wasn't the same as dancing at the wedding. He almost made me cry when he said, "This is better, this is special."

We dance to two songs. The first pick was Daddy's Hands by Holly Dunn. The one thing I always remember about my dad were his hands. Not sure why. Then, I Loved Her First by Heartland. Life is good, no more regrets. I can't change the past, but I can still have what I want, if I want it bad enough by being inventive, pushing forward, not willing to live with regrets. Sure I'm not one hundred percent on doing this with everything, I still have anxiety and doubt. However, I will always remember that I got over the anxiety with this and made my small dream a reality. That I got my dance with my father.

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