Thursday, May 1, 2008

House Hunting

Whoever said that house hunting was fun never went house hunting with my family. It’s to the point where my husband and I actually feel sorry for our real estate agent. When we first got our big idea to house hunt, it was a year ago. We wanted to see what was out there. It wasn’t a big deal. We saw a few houses, and decided that it wasn’t the time to sell our house and buy a new one. It was painless, it was fun. We had no agent and were just browsing. So when we found out we were pregnant again, and our house really was too small to handle one more person, we were ready to jump in and get our feet wet. I believe I said this was going to be a good adventure. Well, it’s been a good month of looking and I’m officially ready to get out of the water lol.

So meet the family and current home. We are already a family of four, and now we have one on the way. Who knows, God might bless us with twins. They do run on both my mom and dad’s sides of the family. What we have now. A smaller home, one my husband bought as a bachelor. There are two bedrooms upstairs and a bedroom that was made in the basement for his brother. The living room is average sized, and the kitchen, well it’s not bad but I’d like something bigger. So we have a master bedroom, a room for the little one upstairs, and then the basement room for the older boy. That leaves us with nowhere to put a newborn.
Now the criteria the new house must meet in order to be a fit for our growing family. At least four bedrooms, 1100 square feet plus, a bigger kitchen, a good sized yard, garage, close Transit, away from busy streets, preferably a quiet neighbourhood.

Now I understand finding a home with all four bedrooms on one floor is difficult. So at least three on the one floor and one in the basement is okay as well. Yet still we are finding this place elusive. It doesn’t help that the prices for houses are skyrocketing due to housing shortages and people bidding outrages amounts in order to ensure the purchase of the house.
So we thought building a home would be cheaper in the long run. The homes were beautiful, we knew the one we wanted. We decided to check all our outgoing finances and see if we could do it. Not even close. Well we could if we wanted to live on $40 per month.

Needless to say we are at square one again. Thank goodness we haven’t sold our own house yet. So this weekend is more looking at what we now fondly call “Previously Loved” homes. Although I can guarantee, some of these homes don’t look like they were very loved lol.

To be Continued....
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