Thursday, March 27, 2008


I checked the first pregnancy home test and saw a faint line. My breath caught in my throat. This cannot possibly be true. I prayed for it to be true, even moments leading up to looking at the results. Yet, it remains unbelievable. I call my husband I’m in tears with happiness and disbelief. He’s happy also, he is the one who told me to test. I called my mother and a few others. The next morning I test again, because surely it was a dream. It’s still positive. I take two more tests, and then the walk-in clinic all in the next couple of days. They are all positive. It’s official. I’m pregnant....again.
I’m saddened by this, as well as excited. This will be our third, and our last. I want to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy. So why can’t I? The constant morning sickness is why. Twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. The worst part probably is it’s coming out both ends. Sorry for the very much, too much information, I just want everyone to understand how rough this is.
The one thing I’ve found out, is that the first or the third (in my case), pregnancies are so incredibly unique. My first seemed like a walk in the park, except for the massive weight gain. My second was full of trials, normal gain that time. With the first I had stereotypical morning sickness; only in the morning. With my second it was in the evening, after supper. With this one, I’m having all the pleasures of the pains and so far scares (minus the bleeding) of the second, and the newness of all day and all night morning sickness. Today was my first doctor’s appointment. I have a prescription for the nausea, and peppermint tea to calm the other. I’m also arming myself with lots of water to combat the low blood pressure. Tomorrow I plan to fill the prescription so the day that was today doesn’t repeat itself.
So here starts the journey, the journey of the last pregnancy, the last child. My fears are still the same as with my second. Maybe it comes from too much knowledge and not enough faith. Maybe just the former, either way I’m a worry wart. I’m a natural worrier, trying her best, to make this pregnancy count. To savour every moment of this special time I will never get back. Just please God, ease the sickness so I can truly enjoy it.

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